Portal 2

We are proud to announce that the second event of the international larp convention series which started out in Zagreb last year will be held in Budapest this year. Everyone who is interested somehow in the larping scene of our region – be it participation, organizing or research – is welcome. The name PoRtaL comes from our goal to connect larpers of the region regardless of preferences in genre or playstyle – P for Play, R for RPG, L for Larp
As the deadline gets nearer and more and more participants show up, we kindly ask everyone to register individually using the form on the website as soon as possible. You can still show up even if you don’t register, but we can only gurantee seating in the conference room for the registered participants.
What to expect:
– An opportunity to introduce yourselves to the scene. If you are a researcher, presenter or organize an international larp, you will have an opportunity to introduce and promote what you are doing.
– Presentations about larp and roleplay theory, larping in education, reports about the current status of the larp and ARG scene in the region, workshops about tools and techniques which aid organizing larps, and much more – program submissions are open until 28th of February.
– Moderated debates about topics which arise during the event.
As we have confirmed visitors from multiple countries, working language of the convention will be English.
Participation is free, although contributions to the event supplies in the form of soft drinks and snacks are encouraged and welcome.